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Experience the best of both worlds with a Zion 360 adventure! By combining a spectacular helicopter flight with a rugged off-road adventure, you can create lifelong memories in a single day. You’ll explore the intimate side of Zion with a back-country tour on a customized Jeep, then discover the vast Zion landscape with a flight which circles the entire park. We will pick you up from any location in Springdale, gateway to the park at the mouth of Zion Canyon. Within minutes, you may think you are on a game-trail as your Jeep driver takes you to the “Zion Outback,” where crowds fear to tread and Mother Nature reigns supreme. Your helicopter will be waiting at our red-rock launchpad, where your adventure will be taken to another level on a climate-controlled helicopter. You’ll see a vast, untamed wilderness which is otherwise inaccessible to human exploration. The golden glow of sunset is magical out here, so schedule an evening tour for optimal photo opportunities!

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Zion Jeep Tours

Backroads Tour – Zion Jeep Tours

Zion Jeep Tours offers “doorstep” pick-up and delivery within the area surrounding Zion National Park. This makes it especially easy for those who are camping or staying in an RV, and those who can’t easily navigate through the Springdale area.

Within minutes you will be in the “Zion outback,” where crowds are left behind and you are able to experience nature on its own terms. You’ll have the option to explore Grafton, the most picturesque ghosttown in the world, or any of the backroads which offer spectacular panoramic views of Zion and surrounding country. If you prefer, we can take you directly to our remote helicopter pad for a 180 or 360-degree flight around the park.

After your flight, your 4×4 transportation will return you to your original destination, or take the extended scenic route for an intimate view of Zion’s geology, history, plants and animals. Every aspect of your trip can be customized to meet your needs. Just call 435-668-4185 to make arrangements, or click on the linked photo (above) for more information about your ground-tour options.

Zion Jeep Tours

Zion Helicopter Tours

Air Tour – Zion Helicopters

Zion Helicopters provides the safest, most comfortable air tour possible, offering climate-control, noise-canceling headphones, verbal communication with the pilot and a very stable ride.

Your helicopter tour is sure to take your breath away, especially at sunset, when golden sun lights the surrounding red-rock countryside “on fire.” Photo opportunities are plentiful, and you will see remote locations that can’t be viewed in any other way.

A 360 air tour will give you lifetime memories in about an hour, or you can take a shorter flight around a portion of Zion National Park. As with your ground tour, all aspects of your tour can be customized. Our ideal location places us in the world’s greatest concentration of natural wonders, with 10 national parks and two-dozen national monuments, recreation areas and state parks. This makes it possible for you to tour locations such as Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell and more!

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Zion Helicopters